Soriano trade still being entertained?

Last month, faint whispers about a possible trade of Alfonso Soriano were heard, some coming from pretty respectable sources such as the Washington Post's Barry Svrluga. The issue of Soriano and Vidro has not gone away, but I'm a little surprised that we haven't heard any more recent scoops about a trade of either of the second basemen.

Could all this change with Bret Boone's retirement? Without Boone's mediocrity aboard, the Mets are left with Kaz Matsui, Anderson Hernandez and Jeff Keppinger–not exactly the goto guys you'd like to see manning the second bag, eh? Mets GM Omar Minaya chose his words carefully, not spilling anything: "We'll find ways," Minaya said. "We'll find guys to be able to get the job done." Maybe Omar would be up for a 3-way with Bowden and… who's the Reds GM now? Will Bowden find a way to land Wily Mo afterall…?

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