Soriano linked to Mets in trade rumor

Check out this wild sounding trade rumor: the Nationals send Alfonso Soriano, Bill Bray and Jason Bergmann to the Mets for Xavier Nady, John Maine, and Jeff Keppinger. I don't know–it seems a little too heavily weighted towards the Mets, if you ask me. You can get fired up about this one over at MLB Trade Rumors.

3 responses to “Soriano linked to Mets in trade rumor”

  1. rick

    Maybe those three guys for Soriano alone would be fair. Maine is supposed to be good if he can parlay his minor league success to the majors (not happening so far in limited play) but Nady has always been part of a platoon and if he were to be a fulltime player his stats would suffer greatly. Keppinger projects to be a slugger who should maintain a high average if his minor league numbers translate to the bigs, but a lot of things would have to go right for this to be an even trade for the Nationals.

  2. rick

    I'm not high on Milton (although RFK would help a lot) but Pena could be sweet!

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