Anti-climactic trade deadline

That was a rather anti-climactic trade deadline, wouldn't you say? I was expecting big news about Soriano, Jon Lieber and maybe Lastings Milledge, and was certain there would be moves made by the Jays and Red Sox. Instead, here's what went down in the final hours leading up to the deadline:

  • LHP Rheal Cormier => Reds
    RHP Justin Germano => Phillies
  • RHP Kyle Lohse => Reds
    RHP Zach Ward => Twins
  • 1B Sean Casey => Tigers
    RHP Brian Rogers => Pirates
  • OF Matt Stairs => Rangers
    RHP Joselo Diaz => Royals
  • IF Todd Walker => Padres
    RHP Jose Ceda => Cubs
  • RHP Kip Wells => Rangers
    RHP Jesse Chavez => Pirates
  • OF Craig Wilson => Yankees
    RHP Shawn Chacon => Pirates
  • RHP Roberto Hernandez, LHP Oliver Perez => Mets
    OF Xavier Nady => Pirates
  • RHP Greg Maddux => Dodgers
    INF Cesar Izturis => Cubs
  • SS Julio Lugo => Dodgers
    OF/INF Joel Guzman, OF Sergio Pedroza => Devil Rays
  • 1B Ryan Shealy, RHP Scott Dohmann => Royals
    RHP Jeremy Affeldt, Kansas City, RHP Denny Bautista => Rockies

You can check out complete trade and player capsules here. Judging from this and other trades made before the deadline, it looks like the Rangers made the biggest overhaul, followed by the Yankees and Reds. The Royals, Devil Rays, Pirates and Phillies all acquired some good young talent that will help these clubs rebuild for the future.

Before I get too bummed out about the lack of activity by J.P. Ricciardi, there's another deadline to look forward to: the waiver wire. While the high profile trades are likely done until the off-season, waiver wire deals can put a team in contention over the top and can therefore be quite interesting transactions. MLB Trade Rumors has posted a quick and easy guide to what the waiver wire is all about, and ESPN has a good piece about the players we might see on the move before August 31.

4 responses to “Anti-climactic trade deadline”

  1. Glyn (Zaphod) Evans

    Even though Eric Hinske has played well of late, with Rios back in the lineup, I was surprised he didn't go for a pitcher…

  2. Glyn (Zaphod) Evans

    Lieber would have been welcome. Until Chacin returns, and Burnett finds his groove, the Jays need all the starting help they can get… or at least someone SOLID in the bullpen besides Speier…

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