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Who's on third? Russell Martin.

Last night's Dodgers/Rockies game had some interesting twists and turns. Leading 7-6, Saito took the ball for the Dodgers to tie up the win, but walked the first runner and allowed a hit up the third base line. Watching on MLB.TV, I noticed Garciaparra hold up and go lame. Uh oh. Sure enough, he walked […]

Thomas released; Double homer games for trio

What a great day of baseball!   The biggest story of the day was the release of Frank Thomas by the Blue Jays. Thomas was informed yesterday of reduced playing time due to his recent slump. However, Thomas has started the past two years in a similar weak fashion, but managed to turn it around […]

Church defies probabilities, hits 2-run tater to tie game

I'm watching the Diamondbacks/Nationals game on MLB.TV right now. Every couple of innings, the Diamondback announcers gush over the ProTrade Win Probability stats for the game that have showed a large lead for the Diamondbacks. In the 5th inning, the probability of a win for Arizona was 94%. By the 7th inning, that probability had […]

Peavy brilliant, Ensberg hits two taters, and Coleman calls the game on MLB.TV

I recently wrote about how I prefer the radio announcers on Gameday Audio to the MLB.TV announcers. Well, I got a treat today! I just watched Jake Peavy and the Padres win 10-0 over the Diamondbacks on MLB.TV, and was thrilled that they were using Jerry Coleman's radio broadcast for the audio! Oh Doctor! Do […]

Don't trade Rios or Lind!

There's mention of a Blue Jays fire sale over at MLB Trade Rumors. Sure, the Jays have been slumping but it's barely May and there's talk of a major reload? Whatever goes down, I just hope J.P. doesn't part with Alex or Adam. Rios just opened the Jays half of the first inning against the […]

Church unleashes first home run of the season for Washington

Ryan Church just hit a 3-run homer that ignited the Nationals and brought them to within two runs of the Marlins. It's appropriate that Church hit the first long ball of the season for Washington–he's got something to prove. Church has been on the verge of a breakout year for too many consecutive seasons now. […]

Brewers clobber Giants

I know it's only spring training, but why has no one blogged about this game yet? Brewers beat the Giants 21-2. Sounds like fun!

September doesn't get better than this!

This is one of the best Septembers for baseball that I can remember in some time. Case in point, right now, we have four big games tied: Los Angeles at Colorado, tied 4-4 in the top of the 7th San Diego at St. Louis, tied 1-1 in the top of the 8th Phillies at Washington, […]

No hitter going into the 9th in San Diego…

We're going to the 9th in San Diego and Chris Young is throwing a no-hitter! Padres are leading the Pirates, 6-0. Stay tuned! UPDATE: Young threw a fastball on a 3-1 count to Joe Randa, and Randa hit it out of the park, 2-run homer ruins the no-hitter. Cla Meredith is warming up in the […]

Dodgers smack 4 consecutive homers in the 9th to tie it!

This Padres – Dodgers series has been amazing, but I'm not sure there's been a more spectacular inning than the bottom of the 9th tonight! The Padres were leading 9-5 going to the bottom frame, and the Dodgers just hit 4 consecutive home runs in a row, two off Trevor Hoffman. Unbelievable! Pandemonium at Dodger […]